Frames and Bases

    Mattress Now® Highrise Bed Frame

    $119.00 – $169.00

    Our Highrise bed frame eliminates the need for a box spring and overcomes poor mobility common to traditional box springs. The frame is foldable making it easy to set up...

    Weekender Modern Platform Bed Frame

    $149.00 – $189.00

    The Weekender™ Modern Platform Frame features clean lines, sturdy support, and 12 inches of underbed storage. You can assemble the frame in 10 minutes, and all tools are included. The...

    Ghostbed® All-in-One Foundation

    $277.00 – $352.00

    Ghostbed® All-in-One Foundation Protect your investment Support your mattress and extend its lifespan with a solid foundation & frame in one. Universal fit Works with all mattress types, including foam,...

    Mattress Now® Adjustable Bed Base

    $499.00 – $999.00

    The Mattress Now® Adjustable Bed Base The modern, thin deck is upholstered for an easy step-up option compared to all-metal bases. And the wireless remote control speaks to the tech-conscious...

    Mattress Now® Plus Smart Adjustable Bed Base

    $799.00 – $1,699.00

    . The Mattress Now® Plus Smart Adjustable Bed Base combines luxurious sleep with the health benefits of sleeping elevated for the perfect night’s rest. With an independent head incline up to...

    Mattress Now® Premier Smart Adjustable Bed Base

    $999.00 – $2,199.00

    The Mattress Now® Premier Smart Adjustable Bed Base takes relaxation to the next level. With five preset positions (Zero Gravity, Anti Snore, Lounge, TV, and Flat), you can adjust your comfort...

    Puffy Serenity Adjustable Base

    $899.00 – $1,799.00

    Experience zero gravity elevation, 3-speed dual massage zones, LED lighting, built-in dual USB charging, and ultimate comfort control at the click of a button. The Puffy Serenity Adjustable Base is designed...

    Ghostbed® Adjustable Bed Base

    $959.00 – $1,919.00

    Ghostbed® Adjustable Bed Base Adjust your bed to your lifestyle Elevate your head and/or feet to find the perfect position, get in and out of bed easier, or help relieve...

    Mattress Now® Twin-Full Bed Frame with Headboard Attachment


    Twin/Full Adjustable Bed Frame provides lasting support for Twin, Twin XL, Full, and Full XL beds. Frame rests on four reinforced glides or 2.5-inch in-line rug rollers with two locking...

    Mattress Now® Queen Bed Frame with Headboard Attachment


    Queen/Full/Twin Adjustable Bed Frame includes multiple support features for added durability. With seven locking legs that create triple-thick steel strength and exceptional stability, the frame includes either 2.5-inch in-line rug...

    Mattress Now® King Universal Bed Frame with Headboard Attachment


    Long-lasting and highly-adjustable  Universal Bed Frame allows you to purchase one frame that fits virtually any bed size. The nine-leg design includes either 2.5-inch in-line rug rollers or glides that...

    Malouf Watson Platform Bed Base

    $899.00 – $999.00

    The Watson Platform Bed Base is sleek and functional, with large underbed drawers for easy storage. It also includes a slat roll with a 2.9-inch slat gap to ensure compatibility...

    Primo Intenational EZ Base Platform Bed Base

    $199.00 – $279.00

    EZ-Base Upholstered Platform Bed by Primo EZ-Base upholstered bed base elegantly combines functions of a mattress foundation and bed frame to create a contemporary stand-alone platform bed. Can sit directly...

    Malouf Duncan Platform Bed Base

    $899.00 – $999.00

    Malouf Furniture is made up of mix-and-match pieces so you can customize your bed. By choosing a headboard and a compatible base, you can design a bed that suits your...

    Malouf Eastman Platform Bed Base

    $550.00 – $650.00

    By choosing a headboard and a compatible base, you can design a bed that suits your unique lifestyle. The Eastman Platform Bed Base is clean and traditional and includes a...

    Malouf Blackwell Headboard

    $499.00 – $549.00

    The Blackwell Headboard was inspired by art deco design from the 1920s with vertical channels, made to be the focal point of any bedroom. You just choose your size and...

    Ergomotion® Rio 1.0 Adjustable Base

    $449.00 – $898.00

    . Description Relax deeper and sleep more peacefully with the sophisticated design of the Ergomotion 1.0 Adjustable Bed Base with a 2-button wired remote. This power base allows you to easily...

    Ergomotion® Rio 2.0 Adjustable Base

    $649.00 – $1,298.00

    Description Take control of your sleep support with the high-quality design, innovation, and convenience of the Ergomotion 2.0 Adjustable Bed Base with an 8-button wireless remote. Including dedicated presets for instant...

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