Innovative products combine breathability, cooling technology, personalized fit, and sustainable materials for an unparalleled and eco-friendly experience.

    Bedgear Dri-Tec Performance Mattress Protector

    $99.00 – $199.00

    Bedgear Dri-Tec Performance Mattress Protector Create your perfect sleep setting with the Dri-Tec® Performance® Mattress Protector. Designed to wick away moisture and promote breathability, this protector ensures you stay dry...

    Bedgear Ver-Tex Sheet Set

    $299.00 – $349.00

    Bedgear Ver-Tex Sheet Set When things heat up, these sheets keep you cool all night long. Taking inspiration from your favorite active wear, we have engineered these sheets to be...

    Bedgear Dri-Tec Sheet Set

    $199.00 – $309.00

    Bedgear Dri-Tec Sheet Set Say goodbye to sweaty sleepless nights with our moisture-wicking, buttery smooth Sheet Set. From our comfort stretch collection, Dri-Tec® sheets are designed to feel as soft as...

    Bedgear Basic Sheet Set

    $59.00 – $99.00

    Bedgear Basic Sheet Set Simplicity at its finest – our Basic Sheet Set is your solution for year-round comfort. Soft, lightweight, and breathable, dress up any room with these versatile...

    Bedgear M3 Performance Mattress

    $2,499.00 – $4,198.00

    Bedgear M3 Performance Mattress Experience individualized comfort with the new M3 Performance® Mattress - featuring an interchangeable, modular design that lets you choose the firmness of each side of the mattress,...

    Bedgear StretchWick Performance Mattress Protector

    $69.00 – $119.00

    Bedgear StetchWick Performance Mattress Protector Feel the stretch at work with StretchWick®! Crafted with all-way stretch fabric technology, it moves harmoniously with your movements, never restricting you. Plus, it remains...

    Bedgear Ver-Tex Performance Mattress Protector

    $219.00 – $329.00

    Bedgear Ver-Tex Performance Mattress Protector The Ver-Tex™ Performance® Mattress Protector is specifically crafted for hot sleepers or those residing in hot climates. It serves a dual purpose: guarding against spills and ensuring your comfort. Here’s...

    Bedgear Balance Performance Pillow


    Bedgear Balance Performance Pillow Experience a comfortable and dry night’s sleep with the recently revamped Balance Performance Pillow. This innovative pillow boasts several key features: MOISTURE-WICKING COVER Always Dry, Never Damp Sleeping...

    Bedgear Flow Performance Pillow


    Bedgear Flow Performance Pillow For an unbeatable night’s sleep, opt for superior comfort! Our Flow Performance® Pillow features a cozy, t-shirt-like fabric cover that invites you to sink into its softness. But that’s not all—this...

    Bedgear Storm Performance Pillow


    Bedgear Storm Performance Pillow The Ver-Tex™ pillow cover is your solution for staying cool during the night. Designed to disperse heat away from your head, neck, and shoulders, it ensures you experience...

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