Brooklyn Bedding Mattress Return Policy


  • Within 120 nights of purchase, you can begin the return process of a Brooklyn Bedding mattress for a full refund.


  • The return request for an opened mattress must be made 30 days after delivery.


  • There is a $99 return fee for all mattress returns.  


Brooklyn Bedding Mattress Return Policy


How does the Brooklyn Bedding mattress return policy work?

Brooklyn Bedding will credit the card you used at the time of your purchase or process your refund via PayPal refunds are transferred into your account. In some situations, Brooklyn Bedding may issue refunds via paper check through U.S. mail.

  1. Start by emailing with “Return Request” in the subject line. 
  2. Follow the Customer Service instructions to help you return or donate your Brooklyn Bedding mattress.
  3. Once your Brooklyn Bedding mattress is returned and/or your donation receipt is submitted, contact Brooklyn Bedding to expedite your refund.
  4. Complete your mattress return within 30 days from your initial request for return.


Begin Brooklyn Bedding Mattress Return 



    Additional Terms and Conditions for the Brooklyn Bedding Mattress Return Policy 


    • Any order placed through for any of our mattresses that are not fulfilled through Brooklyn Bedding or Amazon Prime are not covered under the Brooklyn Bedding Warranty or Trial Policy.


    • The Brooklyn Bedding 120 night sleep trial applies only to customers located in the United States and Canada. A Brooklyn Bedding mattress is ineligible for return or refund if you remove your mattress or products from the United States or Canada.


    • Brooklyn Bedding mattress customers are able to make use of the 120-night comfort trial and mattress return on one occasion. The second occasion is not eligible for a return.


    • Brooklyn Bedding mattress return shipping fees and any additional handling fees are non-refundable.


    • For inquiries about returning a Brooklyn Bedding mattress purchased at a retail location, please contact the store directly.



      Official Brooklyn Bedding Mattress Return Policy