Posh and Lavish Mattress Return Policy


  • Posh+Lavish mattress return policies are specific to the retail store from which you make your purchase, and do not have an official sleep trial period.


  • You must test your Posh and Lavish mattress for a minimum of 30 nights before a return can be initiated.


    Posh and Lavish Mattress Return Policy


    How does the Posh and Lavish mattress return policy work?

    Posh+Lavish does not have an official mattress return policy. 

      1. Start a return by calling the retail store where you purchased your Posh+Lavish mattress. 
      2. Explain that you've tried your Posh+Lavish mattress for 30 days or more.
      3. If you have a specified return policy agreement, follow the instructions given to you by your mattress retailer.


    Additional Terms and Conditions for the Posh+Lavish Mattress Return Policy 


    • Posh+Lavish mattress returns will be specified at the retail store of your purchase and vary from no sleep trial or returns to a maximum 100-night sleep trial.


    • Posh and Lavish mattress returns are dependent on your agreement with the individual mattress dealer, so make sure you understand your return agreement before finalizing your purchase.



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