Leesa Mattress Return Policy


  • Leesa requires a minimum sleep trial of 30 nights before a return can be initiated.


  • Absolutely no refunds or returns for a Leesa mattress will be granted after the 100-night trial. 


    Leesa Mattress Return Policy


    How does the Leesa mattress return policy work?

    Leesa mattress issues a full refund for the cost of the mattress (less any discounts) to the original form of payment.

      1. Start a return by calling the Leesa Comfort Crew at (844) 335-3372 or send an email to support@leesa.com.
      2. Once your return is confirmed, the Leesa Comfort Crew will guide you through the return process, encouraging you to donate your return to a local charity (Salvation Army, Goodwill, thrift stores, churches, shelters, etc.).
      3. Upon drop off at the charity, collect a donation receipt and send the Leesa Comfort Crew a photo of your donation receipt in order to receive your refund.
      4. If donating your item isn’t possible, a member of the Leesa Comfort Crew will give you instructions on returning your mattress to Leesa directly.  Once your mattress is decompressed it won’t fit back into the box, so Leesa will make arrangements to have your mattress picked up.
      5. Once your Leesa mattress donation or pickup is complete, the Leesa Comfort Crew will process your refund.


    Start Your Leesa Mattress Return 


    How does the Leesa mattress exchange policy work?

    1. Start a Leesa mattress exchange by calling  (844) 335-3372.
    2. You can exchange your Leesa mattress for a new model or different feel, but you must do that within the 100-night trial.
    3. The Leesa Comfort Crew will coordinate a pickup to remove the original Leesa mattress from your home before processing your refund.
    4. You may wait until the return and refund process is complete before you place your new order, or you can place a new order right away.
    5. *Note: You are only allowed one Leesa mattress exchange per household, so your new Leesa mattress will not be eligible for a return or refund.
    6. When you receive your exchanged Bear mattress, the new Bear mattress is no longer eligible for a return, refund or trial period.


    Call Leesa Mattress Exchange


    Additional Terms and Conditions for the Leesa Mattress Return Policy 


    • Only your first Leesa mattress purchase is eligible for return and refund (one mattress per household or shipping/billing address).


    • You may request a return of a Leesa mattress after sleeping on it between 31 and 100 nights 


    • To be eligible for a return, Leesa mattresses must be clean and undamaged. Damages include (but are not limited to): ripped or torn cover fabric; stained fabric; broken zippers; punctured or ripped foam; or a burned mattress cover.


    • For inquiries about returning a Leesa mattress purchased at a retail location, please contact the store directly.


    Official Leesa Mattress Return Policy